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• Photoshop CS3 or Newer

• Elements 11 or Newer

***Our templates can NOT be used with Lightroom or Gimp***

HECK YES! We provide the actual font files used, we will never give you an outside "font link" that could potentially send you to a site that would download a virus onto your computer.

No, we are not a printing company and don't handle any printing. We sell the pre-designed layouts (layered Photoshop® templates). You add your images to the templates (pre-designed pages) and order your printed piece from the printer of your choice.

Specialty products such as Accordion Books, CD Cases, Image Boxes, etc. are sized specifically for printing at White House Custom Color or Miller's Lab - Check the description of any product for printer/sizing information

Please take advantage of our completely unbranded product websites:



Nope, we sure don't. We don't believe in making you wait for a random "sale" to get the best price on your templates. Our templates are at the lowest possible price all the time, so you can feel confident shopping knowing that something you just bought won't be half the price next week.

METHOD 1:  Once an action is downloaded and saved to your computer, double click the action file (.atn file) – this will pre-load it into your actions panel in Photoshop. If your actions panel is not already open, you will need to open it by going in your menu to Window > Actions

When looking in the actions panel, you may need to click the small arrow next to the folder to expand the action “set” to see the individual action(s) included in the set.

METHOD 2:  If you have multiple versions of Photoshop or Elements installed on your computer, right click on the .atn file, choose "Open With", then choose your version of Photoshop or Elements. This will pre-load it into your actions panel in Photoshop. If your actions panel is not already open, you will need to open it by going in your menu to Window > Actions


METHOD 3:  With your actions panel open, click the tiny "fly-out' menu button in the upper right corner of the panel (looks like three lines in a row) and choose "Load Actions". Your computers file browser will open and you can choose the action file that you wish to install.

MAC – Double Click the Zip File

PC – Right Click on the Zip File & Choose Extract All

Double click the font file, click "Install" in the window that opens.


Right click the font file and select "Install".


Place the font file(s) into the FONTS folder, usually located here:

Click START - Double click your C: Drive \ Windows \ Fonts

Go in your Photoshop menu to File > Open


Select a PSD file and litterally drag it on top of the Photoshop Icon on your desktop (pc) or in the Dock (mac)


Right click on a PSD file and choose Open With> Photoshop

After loading your "Teddy's Tools" action set, simply

  1. Select the layer called Photo #1  (or Photo #2 to add the second image, etc)
  2. Play the action called Add Your Image.Your image will appear centered in the “window” on the page. Resize as needed and hit Enter/Return.


In all versions of Photoshop, when resizing an image you must hold down the SHIFT key while dragging only from one of the four corners to keep the image in proportion. If you do not hold down the SHIFT key, your photo will become distorted. (in Elements, you generally do NOT have to hold the Shift key while resizing)


If you also hold the Alt/Option key, your image will resize from the center point which is faster - try it out! :)


The absolute fastest way to add your images into any template is to use our amazing MAGIC ACTIONS , it does all the resizing work for you and makes adding mulitple images lighting fast!!

After loading your "Teddy's Tools" action set...

  1. Select the layer of the photo you wish to change out.
  2. Play the action called Replace Imageand choose a new image. If the new image is a different original size than the first image chosen, some resizing may be needed. Free free to use the Shrink 10% or Enlarge 10% Actions to resize your image - you can play the actions over & over until the image is the size you'd like.

1. Double click the “color box thumbnail” on the left side of the shape layer.

2. This will open the “Color Picker” and you can choose a new color.

If there are strokes (outlines) in your template, you can change the color by (1) double clicking on the "fx" symbol on the right side of the layer. This will open your "Layer Style" panel. (2) Click on "Stroke" in the menu on the left, then (3) click the color box to open your "Color Picker" and choose a new color.

1. Select the Typing Tool in your tool palette. (looks like a big "T")

2. Click within the text to "activate" it, make your changes, then click back onto the "Move" tool when finished.

While resizing your image, hover your mouse outside one of the four corners and it will turn into a curved, double-sided arrow (see screen shot below). Once you see that curved arrow, click down and drag to rotate the image.

After loading your "Teddy's Tools" action set, simply

  1. Select the layer that you wish to remove the gold/glitter/pattern overlay from...
  2. Play the action called Remove Gold/Glitter/Pattern Overlay.You're now free to choose a color for that item instead.

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If you think this may help us in your situation but you're not sure how to take a screen shot, you can learn how below.


On OS X , you can take a screenshot of an entire screen by pressing ⌘ Cmd +⇧ Shift +3, or of a chosen area of the screen by ⌘ Cmd+⇧ Shift+4. This screenshot is saved to your desktop as a PNG file.


On Windows , pressing PrtScr captures a screenshot of the entire desktop, while Alt+PrtScr captures only the active window . Windows places these captured screenshots in the clipboard , so you’ll need to “paste” the screen shot in an open Paint or Photoshop file.

**** Starting with Windows 8 , however, ⊞ Win+PrtScr or ⊞ Win+Volume up instantly saves a screenshot to the "Screenshots" folder in "Pictures" library. All screenshots are saved as PNG files.****