Deco Logo

Instant Professional Logo! Easily change the colors, and easily resize to ANY size without loosing quality. Great for use on letterhead, marketing postcards, business cards, ANYTHING!

Download also includes watermark files so you can brand your images that you post on social media or your website.


  • Can be resized to any size without loosing quality. (all vector & type elements)  Main logo file provided at 5in x 5in.
  • Colors and text are easy to change.
  • Fully Layered, Customizable Photoshop® Templates.
  • Font Files & Instructions Are Included in the Download.
  • If a background is shown in the sample picture to the left, then it IS included in the main logo file. Feel free to drag that background layer into your business card file, postcard file, etc. to use it in your other marketing materials.
  • Download also includes transparent background watermark versions of the logo in black, white and color (if applicable).  Simply change the name to your studio name in the watermark file, save it and close it. Then you can open any picture, go in your Photoshop menu to File > Place Embedded, choose your watermark logo file and it will appear on your image. Simply move it to wherever it looks best on the picture!  :)
  • Please note that this logo design will be sold to others.
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