Simply Insert Your Cover & Page Files!

Mock Up Templates are great for showing clients realistic proofs of their products, but they're also great for showcasing what products you offer on your website!

These are SO easy to use! Your cover design or page designs will insert magically into the mock up with a SINGLE MOUSE CLICK - no adjustments/resizing needed! Simply save a .jpg copy when you're done adding your cover or page spreads to the mock up to email to your client.


The Mock Up templates are sized at 1500px wide.



Cover Mock Ups are Sized Specifically for Miller's Signature Books or Albums. Each Cover Mock Up Set includes 3 templates: One sized for a Signature Book Cover, one sized for a Signature Thick Album Cover and one sized for a Signature Thin Album Cover.

We can not guarantee that cover files sized for other printers will display perfectly in the mock up - although between the 3 sizes provided, usually one of them will work pretty good with a different sized cover file.



Page Spread Mock Ups are provided in a set of 5 page spreads, set up to work specifically with files set up at the following sizes:

12x12 Page Spreads Mock Up: 24in x 12in Page Spreads

10x10 Page Spreads Mock Up: 20in x 10in Page Spreads

12x8 Page Spreads Mock Up: 24in x 8in Page Spreads


If you're creating a mock up proof for your client and are making a 10 or 20 spread book or album, simply make copies of your "Page Spread Mock Up Template". (example: for a 10 spread book or album, make one duplicate copy of your template - this will give you (2) 5 spread templates to add your pages to, equalling 10 spreads. Next make a .jpg copy of each file and attach them to an email to send to your client to proof.

This particular mock up template can only be used with Elements 11 and up.

Since Elements does not have the capability to "replace contents" in a smart object, you will need to load and use a simple action to make the mock up work. You can download the action with easy instructions here:


Simply use the "Replace Image" action on each layer of the mock up instead of "Replace Contents" as mentioned in the mock up instructions.

The sample template files used to fill the Mock Up in the demonstration is not included with the Mock Up template.
You Can See the Album Design Used in the DemoHERE
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